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Over 30 years of professional experience

Assurance Services

Our assurance services are centered on providing statutory audit, bank audit, concurrent audit, forensic audit, and fraud detection. We can help you to solve your most challenging business issues with a range of audit services that can help you to reach your business goals faster. Our experts remain updated on the latest regulations and schemes to provide assurance services that are compliant as well as most suited for your specific business needs.

  1. Statutory Audit
  2. Bank Audit
  3. Concurrent Audit
  4. Forensic Audit
  5. Fraud Detection

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are one of the most sought after services of our firm. With a combined experience of 30 years in the field, our professionals have developed the eyes of a hawk that can identify the unique business needs and offer advisory to provide much-needed value addition. Our advisory services comprise of internal audit, risk management, business set up and restructuring, and management consulting.

  1. Internal Audit
  2. Risk Management
  3. Business Set-Up and Restructuring
  4. Management Consulting

Compliance Services

Most of the clients worry about missing out on their business compliances. Our compliance advisory takes care of the realms of the direct and indirect taxes, international taxation and transfer pricing, corporate law compliances, regulatory compliances, etc. You can rely on us completely to meet all the statutory compliances of your business.

  1. Direct and Indirect Taxes
  2. International Taxation and Transfer Pricing
  3. Corporate Law Compliances
  4. Regulatory Compliances

Other Services

We offer additional services in the form of legal opinions based on commercial matters. Our advocate partners help you with all the setup related certifications you may need such as patents, trademarks, terms and conditions of your website, privacy policies, appeals before various forums including the High Court and the Supreme Court. We also provide services related to financial reporting, payroll management, portfolio management, etc.

  1. Legal Advisory
  2. Legal Representation before Authorities
  3. Financial Reporting
  4. Payroll Management
  5. Business Setup Certificates
  6. IPR Certificates

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