About Us

Over 30 years of professional experience

Our Background

We are a chartered accountancy firm that has a combined experience of over 30 years in the field of chartered accountancy. The firm was established with a core principle of providing sound financial advisory to all its clients. Our team comprises of experienced chartered accountants, company secretaries, law and management experts, and various commerce expert to deliver the best services to our clientele.

As chartered accountants, we understand the duty that has been bestowed upon us and we strive to fulfill that with utmost diligence and integrity.

Our Values

Our values make us what we are


To provide legally compliant financial advisory to our clients and help them grow their business enterprises with much ease and confidence.


To make refined financial advisory easily accessible to every customer who wants to develop a competitive edge with efficient business management.


To help each client to meet their compliance and financial needs with expert advisory on all the business-related matters.

Our solutions your Advantage

Don’t you want to create a business advantage for your enterprise? We help you to do just that. Our experts remain up-to-date with all the requirements and then create out of the box solutions that can help you to reduce the risks and develop a competitive edge over your business competitors.

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Our Team

Meet our exceptionally talentend team

Jatin Garg

The founding member of the firm with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Jatin is skilled in auditing, accounting, direct and indirect taxes, internal controls, and international taxation. A strong accounting professional, who has developed several new ways to deal with the nuances of the financial world.
A modern day professional who is always looking for means to beat the out-dated conventional ways of management consultancy. A motivational leader who is always pushing the team to go the extra-mile.

Y K Garg

With over 30 years of work experience Mr Garg is a passionate chartered accountant who has groomed several young minds over the years and has inspired them to take up the profession. He has been providing taxation consultancy, project financing, management consultancy, financial investigation and auditing services to his clients that include several public and private companies, schools, banks, etc.
The beaconing light of the firm who is the master of conceptualizing innovative management solutions for a positive growth and development.

Sugandha Khaitan Goyal

The advocate consultant who has been looking after the legal management and advisory for the firm’s clients. Sugandha is a legal professional who is adept in taxation litigation and has represented many clients before several authorities. She is the consultant providing the services related to drafting of legal opinions, notices, terms and conditions for the clients’ websites, privacy policies, court representations, registration of trademarks, patents, etc.
A focused professional who is always striving hard to get the favorable orders for all her clients.